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40.747933, -74.038681
  • BreadCrumbs

    BreadCrumbs was a project I developed to explore the limits of HTML5 and JavaScript in a mobile application. In addition to designing the UI, I wrote the backend using AppEngine and Python. Cool stuff: PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, AppEngine/Python.

  • Dots Spring Fling

    Dots, a nation-wide department store, contacted me to design and develop a Facebook game to help promote their spring product line. The game allowed their Facebook fans to spin a wheel and win prizes. Nearly 13k users played; two won a $500 gift card. Cool stuff: Google AppEngine/Python, Facebook JS API.

  • The Sushi Lounge

    The Sushi Lounge, a fusion restaurant with 3 locations, contacted me looking for a menu system. They required a solution that could be printed in house daily, had low running costs, was very durable and above all unique and attractive. A plastic coated stock was chosen for the cover and a decorative elastic band was used to secure the inside pages. Cool stuff: Plastic coated stock, transparent vellum, ample use of Futura Bold.

  • Logos & Identity

    Various logos for various clients in various spaces.

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I like long boards in small waves. I like riding slow motorcycles fast. I like old cameras with manual controls. I like spending time with a good dog. I like tripods and long exposures. I like my Scotch neat and my beer bitter. I like small but dedicated communities.

I‘ve been making things in the New Jersey & New York City area for 4 years. Web or print, give me a call, we can make it happen.